Director Duncan Jones Thinks Green Lantern Is Dumb?

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The internet freaked the f**k out when director Duncan Jones (Moon, Warcraft) said in a tweet that he thought he’s not directing Green Lantern because he thinks the character is dumb. He has the right to be wrong about his opinion, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that his tweet left us fans wondering why tweet that in the first place.

This isn’t even news, but it harks on a topic that always hits me in a place that I don’t like. It’s a topic that always feels like it’s hitting me in the balls with a tiny hammer and that’s when filmmakers, writers, directors, actors or even producers disregard comic book characters or superheroes because they find them dumb or below them. It’s okay to not like the genre or the characters, but why feel the need to go out of your way to disrespect them when they have nothing to do with your creative path?

Yeah, I’m pretty sensitive to this stuff, but it’s like when someone hates your sports teams or favorite books and they act like your favorite things are below them rather than stating why they don’t like something. Jones went on to describe his idea for Green Lantern if he did make a GL film which gave the idea of Lantern being more of a dumb jock that used the ring to it’s fullest powers by imagination and not will power. Cool enough idea, but fairly backhanded if I do say so myself.

In conclusion, it just struck me in the wrong way. Jones is still a terrific and talented filmmaker who I’ll definitely support, but why knock something else when it doesn’t affect you at all?

Rant over.


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