RUMOR: Could Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan Be Cable In Deadpool 2?

Pierce Brosnan as Cable? Epic!

As the bold caps lock enforced letters of the word RUMOR entails, please understand that nothing has been confirmed on the above topic.

Now, I hate movie rumors as a whole, especially in today’s world of social media, 24-7 “news” etc., but this seems almost to legit to not be a sneak peak at what is yet to come. With Wolverine and Deadpool actors Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds both releasing pictures of all three of them on their social medias with Brosnan, it’s almost to on the nose to not be possible he’s our Cable, right?

Who’s to say he’s playing Cable at all? Maybe he’s another notable character in the X-Men universe entirely, but we just don’t know yet. Brosnan as Cable would definitely work, even though he’s 63 years old currently, and not getting any younger.

For all I know, they’re just f**king with us, and they actually have their Cable already, but that remains to be seen. I think the universe still wants Stephen Lang (64) because man, them biceps are just stupid.



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