Ocean’s 8 Cast Hobbit Star Richard Armitage

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Oddly enough, Ocean’s Ocho or whatever they’re calling it seems to be coming together nicely. While I have no issues with an all female cast, the timing seemed like they forced the issue, but now that the cast is only growing stronger and the story seems to be coming into place, I have to admit I’m excited.

Sandra Bullock and company can give a warm welcome Thorin Oakenshield to their film in Richard Armitage. Armitage can also be seen biting on a cyanide pill in the first Captain America film or in news articles way back when during a time they were looking for a Batman of the new age.

Director Gary Ross is no stranger to having really talented casts for his movies and alongside this super team of actresses, Armitage and his barreling voice will fit nicely whether as a villain or ally, but that’s yet to be confirmed. Regardless of which role he plays, his presence alone demands attention and conjures validity. Warner Bros. hasn’t really given us much on the plot which at this point is fine because who wants a mystery-heist film to be spoiled without ever seeing a scene?

Nonetheless, let’s hope the film plays out like the first Ocean’s film did, and elevates a franchise which I personally felt diminished in quality with each sequel. Those aren’t easy shoes to step into, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still fit.

Source: The Tracking Board


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