It’s Possible Fantastic Beasts Producer Is Developing An Attack on Titan Adaptation For Warner Brothers

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I guess since video adaptations are about as cursed as the Black Pearl, but with no treasure in sight, studios have set their eyes on beloved medium of Japanese animation simply known as anime. We’re seeing attempts at Hollywood try to branch out into adapting animes more and more, but we haven’t noticed them as much as you’d think. This time, Warner Brothers is trying to acquire the rights to one of Japan (and America’s) most recent beloved shows in Attack on Titan. 

David Heyman, producer of the Harry Potter films as well as Gravity has been the man trying to spear head the adaptation over at WB. The manga spawned a successful television show as well as tons of merchandise from clothing, toys, and video games alike so it’s no surprise a money hungry studio wants to bring it to life for a general audience to see here in America.

The post-apocalyptic sci-fi/horror show and manga tells the stories of some of the last surviving human beings who live behind walled cities in hopes of not being eaten alive by giant humanoid monsters known as Titans. It’s a pretty gruesome show with some wonderful animation, but what direction will the adaptation try to go?

As a whole, it’s a pretty violent anime and serves best with the shock and horror emotions you feel when watching it so if he’s trying to make a PG-13 type of film I’m not so sure that’s the way to go. Warner Brothers is also trying to get their Akira and Bleach films into production which means they must really like anime or the possibilities they bring. We will still have to wait and see the results of Ghost in the Shell to see if WB does as much course correction as they’re doing with their DC superhero films.

Source: Deadline


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