Scorsese’s Sinatra Biopic Out, Mike Tyson Biopic Still In

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With the recent news that Scorsese won’t be doing his dream biopic on one of his idols Frank Sinatra, it means that there is more room for the once rumored Mike Tyson biopic with Jamie Foxx set to star. Foxx had been asked on The Ellen Degeneres Show about the film and said that the film was still in the works with a Terrence Winter script (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Scorsese at the director’s chair.

Tyson is obviously one of the most polarizing figures in sports and overall pop culture thanks to his rape charges which he was found guilty of, but also his prowess as a heavyweight boxer with a backdrop of a troubled kid who grew up on the streets of Brooklyn. These are all ingredients for a Scorsese epic that could remind us of Means Street and Raging Bull all at once.

Foxx is one of the most talented people in Hollywood when he hones in like we know he can. His Oscar-winning performance in Ray could go down as one of the most impressive feats of acting in film history and his versatility is rare in of itself whether it’s in music, comedy, or acting. Foxx is actually friends with Tyson which makes this all the more fascinating to behold since I’m sure Foxx picked up every mannerism he could when around him.

Source: ScreenRant



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