Live-Action Disney Version of Dumbo Trying To Cast Will Smith and Tom Hank

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Woah. I didn’t think Dumbo had enough dialogue to work with to offer parts to such dynamic actors such as these, but hey, that has to be a good sign, right? It isn’t fact that either have signed on the dotted line, but it appears that Smith has been offered the main protagonist role while Tom Hanks has been offered the main villain role. The latest on Smith’s rumored character is that he’d be the father to the kids that befriend Dumbo, but we will wait for official confirmation.

It is uncertain if both actors are going to voice characters for the film or if they will be a part of the live-action cast since the film is mixing with CGI. Tim Burton is still set to direct, but there has been no confirmed shooting start date from Disney.

Hanks could play the ringmaster from the original film who may come off villainous, but isn’t all bad either. Hanks is no stranger to Disney by any stretch with his work on the Toy Story franchise and Saving Mr. Banks, but Hanks could go on to star in another WWII film titled The Grey Hound which he has already written the script.

Though the biggest question mark here is Will Smith. Smith is supposed to be starting production on his third installment of the Bad Boys franchise which has it’s director, script, and start date, but that could clash or permanently delay the production if he chooses to take the role for Disney. Bad Boys For Life has been delayed countless times now and I don’t think anyone wants to wait for the sequel any longer if he chooses Dumbo over it. Oh, if you really want to know if this is going to be a ridiculous film or not, just know that the film is going to be written by the guy who wrote Transformers 3 & 4…

Source: Variety


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