Could We Be Getting Some Big News For the ‘Shazam’ Movie?

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It seems like there hasn’t been any great news from Warner Brothers and DC in the recent months, but there’s one film we keep waiting to hear from and that news may be soon says a producer.

While Harley Quinn and company will get a spin-off sequel in Gotham City Sirens, there hasn’t been much good news on the solo features, and one that has laid dormant is that of the solo Shazam film that cast Dwayne Johnson as villain Black Adam…three years ago.

The little amount of movement we’ve seen with the Shazam production have been thanks to Johnson’s social media pages where he retweeted a fan made picture of him as Black Adam sitting in a victorious position with Shazam and Superman below him. Producer Hiram Garcia went to twitter to make this statement:

At this point, it needs to be more show and less talk for the people at DC and Warner Brothers with their movies. The up and mostly down reception from fans is bringing the slow and painful death of DC’s Extended Universe, but all they need is one good film under their belts to get everything rolling again, but who knows how long that will be or which film it will be to pull the sword from the stone.

Shazam has yet to even be cast officially so the news could be a casting confirmation or even an onset photo to let us all know that the film is still very much in the works and if The Rock is part of the film, you best believe he is cooking up something.



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