A Monster Calls Director J.A. Bayona Says He’d Want To Direct A Superman Movie

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It’s no secret that I hold hope for great DC movies, but I’ve been burned before only to still keep close to the flames. What does that mean? Well, it means I’m either a bug by a lamp or that I’m just too passionate about these characters for my own good. I love Man of Steel, every time I watch it I feel like it gets better, but I still know it’s not perfect.

DC and Warner Brothers seem to have too much of a power struggle going on for my liking these days and it may scare off Batman himself. One person DC hasn’t scared off is A Monster Calls and helmer to the Jurassic World sequel, J.A. Bayona.

The visual splendor Bayona brings to his films is a plus to the already astounding knack for storytelling he has had all his career. Whether he ever gets that chance or not is unlikely to unknown at this point, but it’s not a bad name to throw into the hat. Of course, that’s if he somehow breathes live into whatever the heck Jurassic World is trying to be. Who knows, maybe if he does a great job with the sequel, he could get his first pick at what he wants to do, but that’s to be determined.

Source: Reddit


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