2016 Has Been Sh**, But At Least Indie Films Are Staying Alive and Strong

Image result for the lobster

A big round of applause for indie films taking charge of a year that has seen more celebrity deaths since the plot of This Is The End. Seriously, there is an unhealthy influx of deaths involving people we admire and love in the entertainment industry, but if there is a constant other than death it has to be the importance of indie film-making. The smaller budget flicks that take the human experience to it’s most engaging levels have come in full force this year in a time when we thought Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed were going to be the films that brought along the video game movie renaissance. That went well…

We’re in an era where budgets have inflated to hundreds of millions of dollars for a movie that could have worked with about half or even less of that budget. That’s not to say there hasn’t been money well spent this year on big films, but it does beg the question as to why the heck people haven’t flocked to see some the years best films that have without a doubt been streaming in the indie circuit like formula one racers. I think this will be a year when people realize that indie films are not just for the cinephiles, hipsters, or older crowds anymore. There are magnificent, no, brilliant masterpieces being made all the time that we aren’t supporting, and yet the echo of millions of Facebook warriors are shouting “is there nothing original in Hollywood?!”

I think I still here them screaming like lambs and I’m just your Hannibal Lector waiting to tell you the hard, scary truth to your ignorance. The grandest storytelling isn’t always from the grandest looking of the films you see each year. It’s grandest when there a fully conceived story takes shape in the form of well written plot with characters, settings, and conflict-to-resolution through the vision of it’s directors that makes a film grand. Films like La La Land, The Lobster, or even Hell or High Water aren’t films that use cliches or tropes to get you hooked, but instead an original, remarkable story given care it deserves with a freedom for the filmmakers to express their visions fully.

I know it’s tough sometimes to transition to just blockbusters to some indie films sprinkled in there, but while you think it’s like stepping into quicksand, it’s more like stepping into a hot tub. We’ve become so accustomed to cliched films with unoriginal, bland, formulaic plots that we forget there is a whole new world out there waiting for us to explore. I implore you all to go out and see these movies that we dub “Oscar bait”, but don’t go into the film so close minded, that’s not fair to anyone, and who knows, maybe you’ll just happen to like some of them.


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