Remembering Carrie Fisher, Dead At 60

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2016 has been one of the most heartbreaking years in recent memory if we’re talking about the loss of iconic entertainers in the world of music or film, but this one will yet again hit home more than you’d want as the iconic Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher has passed away. Now, while I may not have shed a tear or known the woman personally, I do know the impact she had on many men and woman, boys and girls alike as Prince Leia Organa. The tough and bad ass character was personified through a woman who felt she herself was just the same. Brutally honest in an environment and career than supposedly doesn’t warrant those traits, Fisher clearly didn’t care what her critics had to say before and after her death.

Her small roles in films such as When Harry Met Sally or The Blues Brothers helped add to what was a moderate film career pre and prior to Star Wars, but if that the legacy she ends with I think she’d be okay. Her time as Princess Leia can be looked at as something women and little girls should truly strive for, elegant, smart, and confident all at once. Her magnifying stare and matter of fact way about her led her to become one of the most iconic characters in the history of film.

It didn’t hurt she sexually awoke pretty much every young man that saw her in Return of the Jedi only to reel them back in with an exciting and fun performance later on in the film. Her comeback along her co-star and friend Harrison Ford didn’t hurt either once we got The Force Awakens. We will miss you Carrie Fisher and are excited to see her final performance in Episode VIII no matter the size of the role. Forever in our hearts and minds and may the force be with you.

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