Did The Rock Just Confirm That Black Adam vs Superman Is Still Part of the DC Plan?

Franchise Viagra aka The Rock (teehee) aka Dwayne Johnson aka yours and  your mothers favorite celebrity may have just clued us in on some cool news regarding his DC character Black Adam. Nothing is confirmed yet, but if there’s one thing we know about The Rock is that he never does anything by accident nor does he bullsh** us when it comes to, well, anything really.

His debut as the powerful god-like DC villain Black Adam has had fans clamoring since his casting came out nearly two years ago, but nothing has yet to materialize. Black Adam is normally a Shazam! (formally known as Captain Marvel) villain but with no one cast as Billy Batson or his hero alter ego Shazam it’s no surprise that the film has been in limbo for a couple years. One shimmer of hope was when Johnson shared some pretty sweet fan art on his Twitter page that you can see below.

The fan art was in response to The Rock and Henry Cavill’s meet up on Christmas at Johnson’s house which apparently involved tequila and whiskey says Johnson. If we’re being honest, when I realized they hadn’t cast Shazam, but got The Rock as Black Adam early on it was clear that they wanted a villain for both Supes  and Shazam when the time is right and it makes sense for them to have snagged the terrific actor and personality before Marvel did.

At this point, I’d just be happy to see some on set photos or even concept art of The Rock as Adam from Warner Bros. Superman is too great a character and the man playing him is too talented to not be in more films for DC and Warner Brothers. Regardless of what happens after this cool photo, I just hope these characters can get their just do.



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