The First Teaser Trailer For ‘The Lost City of Z’ Has Charlie Hunnum Lost In the Amazon

Charlie Hunnum stars alongside Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson in this true story about a British explorer who was lost and never found in the Amazonian jungles in 1925. Keep in mind, this is a true story so there are no zombies or monsters in this one, but that doesn’t make the indigenous people any less terrifying in this trailer.

It felt like I was watching a horror movie thanks to the atmosphere of the trailer accompanied by a suspense driven score and frightening imagery. It’s not often we get a film like this and James Gray looks like he has written and directed a gorgeous film on the perils of exploration turned to obsession.

Hunnum has always been a guy for me that I’ve wanted to like more, but his failure to hide his British accent beyond Sons of Anarchy always irritated me. Thankfully he gets to strut his stuff and speak in his normal voice this time around which should allow him to focus strictly on the acting portions of his role.

The film heads to theaters April 14th, 2017.


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