Alexander Skarsgard & Michael Pena Are Crooked Cops In The War On Everyone Trailer – Trailer Review

Plain and simple, this trailer was poorly edited, but I still have a feeling this is going to be a sleeper film this year. The comedic elements that Michael Pena will always elevate whomever he is acting beside and it’s not like Alexander Skarsgard is some slouch of an actor. These are two talented dudes that seem perfectly fit to play crooked cops in a dark comedy such as this.

I think we are missing middle tier films like this in a world over-saturated with overly inflated budget films. Sure, this film could be terrible if we were just going off of the trailer you see above, but I have a feeling there will be enough laughs to get us through regardless.

I’m curious what you guys think about this trailer so always leave your thoughts and comments down below or hit a brotha up on his social medias. Clearly I’m always down to converse about film (winks).


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