Arrival’s Denis Villenueve In Talks To Direct Epic Sci-Fi Adaptation of Dune

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With each astonishing film after another, it’s no surprise French-Canadian director Denis Villenueve keeps getting film after film thrown at him. In a recent interview for his film latest triumph in the genre of science-fiction, Villenueve spoke about how he’s always wanted to do science fiction films later on in his career, and it looks like that stage of his life is coming to fruition.

Interview HERE

His work on Arrival starring Amy Adams was without a doubt a success whether you’re looking at it’s surprising financials or how fans and critics praised the film for it’s intellect and sound direction. Villeneuve has also finished production on the sequel to Blade Runner which got it’s first official teaser trailer starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford so it’s no surprise his career has lead him to being a candidate for the job of director for one of the most profoundly influential and known properties in Dune. 

Variety is reporting that Villenueve has been eyed by Legendary Pictures to direct the rebooted film, but no comments have confirmed this.

Dune is a tome of a book that follows the ever so complex existence of a noble family who controls the resources of a desert planet called Arrakis. The novel and old films hit on all topics from politics to religion and everything in between which has presented itself as an almost impossible story to tell in just one film, but if there’s a director who’s willing and able to do so it’s Villenueve.

Villenueve only makes intelligent films and when Ridley Scott hand picks you to direct a sequel to his cult classic in Blade Runner, you’ve earned the right to attempt something like Dune which has gained a cult following itself with the 1984 film directed by David Lynch.

Source: Variety


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