Good News For Ben Affleck’s The Batman With Shooting Starting This Spring

Affleck just keeps giving me faith in his abilities as film maker and facilitator for what needs to be done to get his films off the ground. In a recent interview, Affleck stated to Variety the exact news that has been consistent since day one — the film is being shot in the spring and the script in still in the works. That’s good news that DC and Warner Brothers have a consistent cog in any way at this point with the constant shuffling and reactionary follying that has come out of less than good critical reception.

Affleck has been adamant on repeating exactly what he means and wants from this news of the shift of movie release dates which is about as good as we are going to get at this point. Depending on the day, we could get news that another spin-off of solo film is in the works, but it wouldn’t hold as much weight as it does coming from the guy who directed a Best-Picture winning film. His comments make me giddy as well when he stated that, “We’re on the right track with that and everything is coming together”.

Affleck has completed production on his period drama gangster film Live By Night set for wide release this month and is completely the Batman script most likely when the touring ends.

There’s no real news on the premise of the film, but I’m sure in a few months we will get our first hints. Affleck also went on to praise the other filmmakers of the Batman films of the past including, Nolan, Burton, and the respective men to have taken on the cape and cowl in the past.

Source: Variety



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