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Don’t Think Twice May Be One Of This Year’s Diamonds In The Rough – Movie Review

Indie films having been kicking more ass than Batman this year and leaving their marks like Batman did in that film once…Batmannnnn


So anyways, I found this terrific little dramedy starring some of comedies most talented writers and performers as they embark on their own singular journies in search of the same goals. The film deals with the hardships of success in a cutthroat art-form that just so happens to involve making people laugh. Comedian, actor, and now director/writer, Mike Birbiglia helms his intimate directorial debut about improv comics and their pursuit of stardom in New York City as writers on their fictional version of Saturday Night Live called Weekend Live. As on the nose as that is, Birbiglia writes a terrific movie that has plenty of comedic star power while being wrapped in an indie movie version of a flour tortilla, whatever that means.

The struggles of success and creativity are all too real for artists of all types, but Birbiglia brings what is likely an all too real interpretation of what a comedian goes through. A cast that enlists the talents of Birbiglia himself, Keegan Michael-Key, Jillian Jacobs, Kate Micucci, Chris Gethard, and Tami Sagher, give the film enough credibility in case you were wondering if it was worth seeing because they all shine and deliver through some of best chemistry I’ve seen on screen this year. The cast is having fun through what they do best with being afraid to get down to the grim and dirty realities that come with being in such a tight nit community of people who share your goals and aspirations.

It’s an incredibly touching and humbling film that tackles what most likely happens in the world of art and being recognized for that skill-set. When one of them feels something, you as an audience member will feel something. That’s not to sell this film as cold-hearted mellow-drama because that’s not what this film is. In fact, this film is quite hilarious at times thanks to what was either great improv by the cast or an absolutely undervalued bit of writing on Birbiglia’s part. The characters are fleshed out in believable ways with connective tissue to one another to give you something to feed off as their arcs begin to unfold without the need of self serious monologues or plot devices that never needed to show up.

To compare this film to something we all understand, it would be like walking into the produce aisle of a farmer’s market. The fruits and vegetables shimmer with a healthy and organic quality that you rarely find at a local grocery store and you know what you’re getting is going to be delicious and refreshing. It was such a treat to find this little comedy-drama and it’s a shame that we don’t hear or see these movies more often, but I have implore you all to really go out of your way and enjoy the touching experience of a film and bring friends with you. At it’s core, Don’t Think Twice reinvigorates that passion you have for your art or craft in an honest, but loving way that may prove to be the slap in the face you to wake the f**k up because nothing is handed to you and sometimes you have it or you don’t. It’s a powerful message for a film that is way more enjoyable than that.



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