Woah! Suicide Squad Director David Ayer To Direct All Female Villain Film ‘Gotham City Sirens’ Starring Harley Quinn

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It looks like Margot Robbie’s all female villain movie has found its director in her Suicide Squad director David Ayer. The film for now is being titled Gotham City Sirens which has comics of the same name. It’s a great title and Ayer is a great director when he really hones into the project. Suicide Squad had a lot of good and a lot bad in it which created a more than disappointing time at the theaters, but the cast and their portrayals was not one of them.

After the film’s financial and fan success, it was clear solo films were going to get made later on thanks to stellar performances by Will Smith as Deadshot and fan favorite Harley Quinn played by Robbie.

Minus the negatives on Suicide Squad only for a moment, the film was terrific at creating a lot villainous yet likable characters, and if he’s as smart as I think he is, the film maker will improve on what he did with the prior film. Ayer is skilled at the military style action as well as making dark and grim characters the protagonists along the way. These are going to be villains which means they do terrible things and if there is any merit to Ayer in bringing that to life in his movies, just check out End of Watch, Fury, and his script for Training Day. 

The sirens themselves are villainesses from Batman’s large catalog of villains such as Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy to name a few. Geneva Robertson-Dworet, screenwriter for action films such as the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot and Sherlock Holmes 3. So long they don’t limit the time for her to write a cohesive script, I have no doubt the film maker and Warner Bros./DC can bounce back with this villain spin-off.

No news yet on the sequel to Suicide Squad, but with the spin-off films looking like the focus for right now, expect more news that don’t go to the Suicide Squad sequel.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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