The Fate of the Furious (2017) Official Trailer Brings Back Everything We Know & Love – Trailer Review

The Furious family is back in action with Straight Outta Compton and The Italian Job director F. Gary Gray at the helm with some stunts that bring it all back to the ground. With the returning cast, not including Paul Walker, comes what looks to be another stunt filled, high octane thrill ride of a movie that mixes street racing with bullet filled action along with every other genre trope you can fit in there, but the excitement isn’t minimal by any means.

I’ve been partial to every single Fast and Furious since not including Fast and Furious (my least favorite) which wasn’t the opinion for most until the fifth film showed us what this franchise could do. They added the Rock, more cars, more action, and a lot more family drama without any buyers remorse in between.

The franchise took a dive into the almost too unbelievable category with the last film, but it seems like they have made slight course corrections in regards to slightly more believable – I say that loosely – territory with there being that heist, action film that we got with Fast Five. We will find out next year.


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