Justice League 2 Delayed To Make Space For Batfleck’s Solo Movie

The news of Justice League 2 being delayed isn’t nearly as significant in the grand scheme of things, but it shed a positive light on what they’ll be focusing on with their time. Ben Affleck, Batman himself, is also an executive producer in the DCEU for Warner Brothers as well as a director for his solo film(s) which are taking precedence over the sequel to Zack Snyder’s superhero team up film that’s set to come out in a little over a year.

What may come  to the surprise to the Zack Snyder protesters is that he will be doing a film that isn’t based on a comic book for his next project. What does that mean for Justice League 2? Well, we don’t know yet. Thankfully the film isn’t set to be released for another two to three years regardless of delays and it may be good for Snyder to take on another project to get the creative juices flowing as a filmmaker before making yet another huge budget superhero film.

Snyder’s next film, The Last Photograph, is a film that has been on the shelf since the time of Zack Snyder’s success on 300, but has not had a distributor or buyer since then. The film will take Snyder into war-torn Afghanistan in an original story he created with long-time colleague Kurt Johnstad. Thanks to an exclusive from THR we got a jist of what the film is about:

Photograph centers on a war correspondent in Afghanistan who is the only one to survive an attack on a group of Americans. When a special ops soldier in search of a family member shows up, the two team up, with the correspondent hoping to score the story of his life.

Borys Kit

Affleck getting his film made first is never a bad thing either. The Oscar-winning writer and Best-Picture winning director has been writing a script with DC President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns which has been confirmed to involve Joe Manganiello as villain Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter & Collider


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