Doug Liman’s Latest Film ‘The Wall’ Shows Off John Cena As A Real Actor – Trailer Review

It looks like John Cena’s time as strictly a WWE favorite is coming to the forefront of films that won’t go straight to VOD. Doug Liman directs a smaller film about two snipers being stalked by an enemy sniper who only wants to play with his prey before killing them. The film also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Godzilla, Kick-Ass) as the a soldier who’s only cover is a tiny brick wall behind enemy lines.

I have to say, Cena is definitely making the effort to be taken seriously in this trailer. Working with a guy like Doug Liman who’s filmography includes Edge of Tomorrow, The Bourne Identity, and Swingers, his range is about as impressive as these snipers are. Working with a stout director like that should only enhance your acting skills and if Cena is as committed as he looks, he and Taylor-Johnson may give us an underrated duel performance in this contained war based suspense-thriller.

Doug Liman is set to direct Justice League Dark in the upcoming year or two so it’s nice to see him make some smaller films before jumping into what will be a much larger, action/horror film (we hope) for WB’s DC property. The Wall is set for release next year.


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