The Official Trailer For ‘War For the Planet of the Apes’ Is Definitely A War Film – Trailer Review

I can’t stress to you enough the brilliance of the first two reboot starring Andy Serkis as the transformative Caesar. The arc of lost being trying to discover his destiny takes turns that have been compared to that of Moses, but this Moses can only be passive as long as us damn humans stay out of his way. The third installment looks to have the same grand and epic tone of the second film, but with a new human villain played by Woody Harrelson and a threat more eminent than before.

The shots in this film were reminiscent of the film with Charlton Heston with the first shot on the beach, but gives itself a modern feel to what has become one of the most impressive franchises in this millennium. Serkis looks and sounds terrific as usual as Caeser – who seems to be getting really good at his English – while he tries to fight off the human enemy.

This may just be the one film I am looking forward too the most next year without question and I don’t think we’d even need another trailer to confirm that. The perfect amount of footage and story was revealed to get me jazzed up and my body is definitely ready!


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