Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Official Trailer Is Marvel Doing John Hughes & It Works – Trailer Review

When Marvel acquired the shared rights to one of the most popular characters in comic book history, fans could only jump out of their seats in joy. As much as we loved Andrew Garfield as the web-slinging New Yorker, his films didn’t stand the test of time nor succeed in trying to set up their future films over at Sony. Clearly, Marvel Studios was aware of what needed to be done and with that knowledge they recast and garnered fan excitement with his recent appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

Now we get to see Tom Holland as our new, high-school age Peter Parker where he will still be figuring out what it’s like to be superhero, but not without a little help from our guy Tony Stark.

The action, the suit, the humor, and the Iron Man cameo are plenty to get us excited, but it’s Michael Keaton’s Vulture that excites me. Keaton’s start as Batman only to make an anti-blockbuster masterpiece with Birdman now comes full circle as he will literally be a bird-man. Ah, how ironic and cyclic Hollywood careers can be… To be fair, Vulture ain’t some bald headed dude in some green tights this time around t and he looks incredibly menacing this time around which is always good. Let’s hope it’s exactly what it looks like once the film hits theaters 7.7.17.


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