Transformers: The Last Knight Gets It’s First Official Trailer – Trailer Review

Michael Bay may be the greatest liar in history only behind Frank Abignail Jr. How is it possible he can make such terrible Transformers movies, but pull my dumb ass into the trailers like this? The music, the visuals, the dramatic tension that doesn’t even tell you plot of the film, and the gosh darn robots man!

I gave up after the third one, which was entirely too patient if you ask me, and he managed to put me to sleep with the last one. Yes, I mean actually asleep. I was in my room, watching Netflix and realized that the last Transformers film he did was on the instant queue, but even though I knew I wouldn’t like it, I had to see it for myself.

The dumpster fire of a film that I witnessed may have caused me to lose a solid three years off of my lifespan only to realize that there is nothing about these movies besides the trailers and the visuals that have any meat on their bones worth taking a bite into. I am sticking with my guns and saying that this isn’t going to be a redeeming Transformers film simply because Bay is stubborn and knows his formula works for making these movies. Am I wrong? Of course not.



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