De Niro Returns As A Laugh Maker In ‘The Comedian’ (2016) – Trailer Review

Bob DeNiro, yeah I call him Bob…we’re close…

Back to the trailer and all it’s charm of New York and iconic stars that hail from that town. While the film isn’t anything I’ve heard about, I find it funny seeing DeNiro return in movies that are homages of sorts to films he’s done in the past. When he worked with Scorsese in the earlier days, DeNiro did this little masterpiece no one has seen called The King of Comedy where Bob plays an unstable dreamer who wishes to portray a comedian.

Seeing Danny DeVito, Harvey Keitel, Leslie Mann, and others in a film together makes for an exciting combination worth seeing in the theaters, but the fact I haven’t heard about the movie means one of two things; either it’s really good or it’s really bad. But just because it has a fair share of critics already doesn’t mean it can’t be a surprising film in other ways. I know The Intern was a film not many saw, but for those who did said they enjoyed it immensely.

Regardless of what the early reviews are saying, I have to admit I felt warm and nostalgic after watching the trailer. The only concern I have for the film is that DeNiro is going to somehow fall for a much younger woman and the story takes unimpressive turns in the romance department.


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