Cars 3 May Have The Most Dramatic Trailer In Pixar History – Trailer Review

I’ve never cared about the Cars franchise but, good God folks, how does Pixar do it? Pixar, like most things Disney, is nearly impenetrable when it comes to crappy film making, but one of the less than stellar franchises under their belts have been the Cars films. Well, it looks like they’ve heard us loud and clear they want to improve their franchise because this teaser did not feel like it was suitable for kids.

There isn’t much I know about the film whether it relates to the plot of the original films or it is simply going a different route entirely, but the fact we get so much visceral imagery through only 49 seconds of footage is astounding. I imagine the voice cast are going to make their valiant returns to their respective characters and now I want to see where they go.

Yes, it has finally happened, I have started to care about a Cars movie. Pixar seems to have positively reacted to the older audiences wishes and improved their third film. Am I getting a little ahead of myself? Well yeah, but there aren’t too many times I’ve seen a Pixar trailer that steered me in the wrong direction without me knowing.


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