The Edge of Seventeen Brings An 80’s Coming Of Age Tale To Modern Times In New Trailer – Trailer Review

Let’s get something out of the way here, if Hailee Steinfled is supposed to be an ugly girl then that must make me a puddle of mud because she’s still totally adorable. Her charming and perfectly blended mixture of humor and drama are what make her such a young talent in Hollywood. Seeing her in a coming of age story that involves Woody Harrelson as your potty mouthed teacher just becomes the sugar on top.

I couldn’t imagine having my best friend date a sibling of mine (it’d be illegal for one thing), but the fact that Steinfeld’s character already has her fair share of issues fitting may make this a subtle tear jerker this week in theaters.

It’s not too often I can get behind a comedy that actually looks funny. The over-saturation of rip-off Judd Apatow films we’ve been given The 40 Year Old Virgin hit theaters has been destroying comedy films for nearly a decade now and it kills me inside. There’s something about comedy hitting the most when you are emotionally invested and not letting your brain turn into mush in the process which is why I am actually excited to see this little film.


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