Kong: Skull Island Gets It’s First Official Trailer

With the two incredible posters from yesterday, it was only a matter of time before we got the second official trailer, and boy was it a knockout. The first reaction for me was’ “Look at the colors of this movie!” as well as “Wow, Kong looks awesome when you see him in action!”

Having John C. Reilly as the comedic element to the trailer was also a pleasant surprise for the film which at least means they won’t be trying to actually make this like the giant monsters version of Apocalypse Now. Nonetheless, the cast looks convincing and colorful and it doesn’t hurt that Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston are the ones spearheading the story.

The beauty about King Kong himself is the fact that he isn’t some mindless monster, but very much a king of his own domain. His sheer size in this film in particular makes him frightening, but also adds to the validity that he could try to take on an overweight Godzilla in the coming years. I can’t stress to us enough that this is actually a gorgeous trailer and the film looks shot with a terrific color pallet. Let’s hope the film is as good as it is gorgeous.


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