Natalie Portman Looks Riveting As First Lady ‘Jackie’ In Latest Trailer – Trailer Review

I’m not sure how Natalie Portman could have found a more demanding role than the award winning one in Black Swan which won her the Oscar, but apparently she has somehow outdone herself yet again. Portman will portay that of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy and the aftermath of her husband’s death. It’s a story you don’t think you’d care about seeing until the trailer drops and I’d be remiss if I said I didn’t care, until now.

Somehow this film is going to turn into something similar to Black Swan by presenting us with this psychodrama atmosphere that really delves into the psychosis of someone who seems to have the world on her shoulders unlike anyone else. It’s clear Portman has found her stride in films of the smaller variety. Not that it was her fault in films like the Star Wars prequels or Thor, but where her talent shines is when she is challenged. I mean come on, the woman is a Harvard grad and Oscar winner, she feeds off of challenge.

Many will scream Oscar-bait, but I don’t think it matters with this one. Biopics are Oscar-bait because it always reels in golden fish or in this case statues. It’s that time of the year where we are going to be seeing plenty more olive leaves in these trailers and there’s good reason why.


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