David Yates Says He Could and Would Do The Next Five Fantastic Beasts Films

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Damn Yates! You’re ambitious AF! Let me start by saying my own two cents for a moment… I don’t think any director should be on a franchise for too long. I’ve seen a director like Michael Bay do what will soon be four awful Transformer movies and that’s been awful and while I enjoyed Age of Ultron, you could tell Joss Whedon was burned out. It’s just not a healthy thing for any one film maker to be a series for too long. We need fresh blood and new ideas and visions for these films. What I’m saying is, do what Star Wars did prior to the prequels.

Yates needs to do what Nolan did for his Dark Knight trilogy and either take a break in between Potter-verse films and make other movies or just give them some time off. For anyone to do something like direct a film in the same world is just insane. The freshness vanishes and the style often stays the same. From what I’ve heard, Fantastic Beasts isn’t even that good… (we will be the judges on that rumor).

Regardless, Yates can direct, he’s proven it with the last four Harry Potter films, but that doesn’t mean that a franchise that had been developed from square one by someone else means he’s a master director. If there’s one thing I took from his quotes below was at least he’s passionate about the career he’s chosen:

“I love making films, and I’ve got a great team, all of whom are like family,” Yates told THR at Thursday’s world premiere. The commitment is not official, and it isn’t daunting to him, either: “I only look at it movie-to-movie.”

Rowling wrote the script for the film this time around which shouldn’t be anything to worry about since she’s kind of the author of the worldwide phenomenon herself, but this week will determine whether or not the formula can work with the prequel-sequels for Fantastic Beasts.

Source: Blastr


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