The Live Action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Looks Spot On To the Animated Classic – Trailer Review

The live-action remakes of classic Disney films have been strictly hit or miss for me and most of the movie going audiences, but for the tale as old as time, we held out hope with what looks to be a significant payoff for our optimism. The stellar cast and spot on visuals seem to be working as well as they possibly could, but my question then became; “If it’s so close to the original film, why make it?”

To be fair, the idea of seeing a cartoon come to life is always something we have in the back of our minds, especially if it’s a story and property such as this one. Emma Watson just permeates beauty from her pores while everyone else’s renditions of the iconic characters really suck you in just from their snippets.

I imagine the same flowing emotion I have with the original 1991 film will come back in the live-action retelling as well. I am excited for Dan Stevens to show us what he has as a motion capture actor as well as just being an already phenomenal actor.


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