‘The Witch’ Director Confirmed To Remake Nosferatu


Image result for robert eggers the witchHorror films are like alcohol for me, I don’t really like alcohol, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t some I enjoy on occasion that make me want to piss my pants. Now, that this has gotten personal, I should also tell you that I was terrified when watching Robert Eggers indie horror film The Witch. The period piece horror masterpiece of last year really took festivals by storm thanks to it’s impressive dialogue and dripping atmosphere.

The film’s director/writer made a stellar debut on a mere $3 million budget while the film grossed nearly $40 million at the box office. It appears Eggers wants to stay in the horror genre for now and remake a classic vampire film this time in Nosferatu. Oddly enough, I am really excited about the prospect of a remade silent vampire film by Eggers. Count Orlak himself is iconic and still terrifying to this day and ripe for a reimagining or remake with sound or maybe just minimal sound. While The Witch had a terrifying minimalist score, it was the usage of silence that made the film as frightening as it was.

Seeing period piece horror is something excites a non-horror junkie like myself because it brings a nice dynamic to the scares that a modern day horror story just doesn’t give consistently. On a technical standpoint, Nosferatu is scary thanks to it’s suspenseful use of shadows and shapes and silence, all things Eggers can bring to the table for his next film which he could get a slightly larger budget if needed.

Source: IndieWire


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