Official ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Trailer With Scarlett Johansson Looks Like A Winner – Trailer Review

I have to admit, I’ve been pessimistic of this film’s development since they had recruited Scarlett Johansson instead of a talented Asian actress as the lead character of Major. The science-fiction anime property is one of the most iconic as well as one of the most timeless. A story about a cyborg police officer (of sorts) taking on the cyber villains and hackers of sorts as they try to take down the corporation that makes the artificial intelligence that Johansson’s made of.

I really enjoyed this first trailer folks, I really did, and it comes to a surprise because the films it made me think are a mixture of good and bad. When I saw it, I immediately went to the visual splendor of Lucy, but it also threw in hints of Blade Runner and The Matrix at some points.

Johansson clearly has the acting chops to pull it off and seeing her in action reaffirms why they bring her onto these large films. Her sheer presence on camera is something you can’t replicate and if you’re going to get a white actress to remake a Japanese anime film for the American audiences, you’d want a face people know. As of now, I am very interested and hopeful of the film’s narrative and overall.


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