Universal Will Develop A Live-Action ‘Voltron’ Movie

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While I didn’t grow up watching Voltron: Defenders of the Universe as a small child, it’s hard to know about the one action figure you had that you thought was part of your Power Rangers set. The 80’s cartoon presents a great level of nostalgia for many people from an era where animation was really growing in popularity through the inspirations of anime as well as sci-fi and that’s why fans have been waiting for a live-action Voltron film for so long. The property lends itself to being a fun blockbuster that, if it’s not Michael Bayified, could be a really fantastic and fun story.

Not that I want to do this, but the influx of giant robot films has actually been a part too Michael Bay making Transformers films a multi-billion dollar franchise that gets overseas audiences craving for more. If you ask me, giant robot movies should look more like Pacific Rim, and I’d hope that Universal is able to the figure the pros and cons of both films to make the best Voltron film they can.

Universal received the rights from DreamWorks who were trying to get the film going for nearly ten years with no such luck. Universal also has it’s screenwriter already in David Hayter who wrote the first two X-Men films as well as the Zack Snyder masterpiece (yes, masterpiece) Watchmen. The studio was also reported saying that they won’t comment any further because the film is still “up in the air“. That’s smart on the studio’s part, especially with the history of delays this movie has had so far.

Once we start hearing about who is on the shortlist of directors can we get more excited, but now we are just happy they have something other than delays on this movie. The list of directors and stars that could feature are endless, but I would hope they take advantage of the outer space portions of the series as well as the cool designs (as seen above) and learn from their successful Netflix reboot series.

Source: Deadline & ScreenRant



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