Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’ Casts Olivia Munn

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Shane Black’s return to The Predator franchise is in full effect with his cast only getting larger as Olivia Munn will be fighting Predators alongside Narcos’ Boyd Holbrook. Holbrook is replacing Benicio del Toro who fans and journalists alike were sad to see leave the film due to scheduling conflicts, but Munn and Holbrook sounds like a good combination.

We can also confirm the roles in which both actors are portraying in the film thanks to The Hollywood Reporter in regards to Munn and Holbrook. What is a Predator movie without a badass commando (Holbrook) and a beautiful scientist (Munn)? I just hope Black can write in Munn’s scientist in a way that can use her talents in a cool and non-stereotypical way, so please no damsels in distress or at least have her change into sneakers while they’re running.

The most bizarre bit of news with this film so far is the setting of the plot. Normally, we think of Predator movies being set in the jungle or on a jungle in another planet…or Los Angeles, but it sounds like we are going to be getting the film in the suburbs. With that being something we can all see Shane Black doing, it’s strange and surprising because you’d want the film to have a more frightening atmosphere, but hopefully he has plans for exactly that. After seeing The Nice Guys I can’t really have much worry about the project.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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