Wonder Woman (2017): Latest Trailer Reveals the Scale of

My hope for the Wonder Woman movie is as follows, we have low expectations for the film this time around, but it comes out totally surpasses our minimal expectations. That’s the mindset I have to have with these DC films anymore and I don’t want it to be that way. Regardless of my personal vendettas, they cut some of the best trailers in Hollywood.

I mean hot damn does this trailer send shivers down my spine. The mix of drama, humor, and comedy worked well for me as a whole, but I fear that the filmmakers are taking too much slow motion ideas from Zack Snyder. I hope we can get action that is kinetic and visible, but I don’t want everything to feel like I dropped acid before the film either.

There was one CGI scene that I thought was terrible, but unless you leave in the comments which ones you think I mean, I’m not pointing it out. Gal Gadot looks awesome yet again and her Hans Zimmer guitar riff of a score made me fast clap like I was in the Nutty Professor films. I want this to be… wonderful….


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