La La Land (2016) Gets A Dazzling New Trailer! – Trailer Review

I’ve said it 100 times and I will keep saying it until December is here, but this is my most anticipated film for the rest of the year. Not only are musicals (good ones) far and few between, but they are never as dazzling looking as something like this. Whiplash director comes in hot with what looks like another surefire winner as Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone return with their trademark chemistry and buckets of talent.

The two teasers we got before with the snippets of two of the films songs really stuck with me and still have me humming them, but finally we get can brief context to the settings, songs, and characters. Clearly this is homage to the great musicals of the past, but it also feels fresh and colorful with a splash of originality.

The awards were already shown early on and I can’t imagine they got them for just looking really really pretty. There’s a story here and I want to find out what the heck that story is and how it evolves on screen with these talented freaking people! Musicals are a genre that definitely hit or miss, but if you can just get the music right, mostly everything else falls into place. I am so ready to be blown away that it hurts.


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