Illumination Studios Gives Us Sing (2016) Trailer #3 – Trailer Review

Have you ever felt so secluded in an opinion that you can only sit in your room and wonder why your different? That experience is mine when I told people that I wanted to see this latest film from Illumination Studios. The Secret Life of Pets just did not work for me in too many ways, but I have a good feeling about this one and what it is presenting.

Like all animated films nowadays, there is a stellar voice cast with singers who sounded like they could really bring it when the time comes. The first few trailers really sold me on the dynamic of chasing dreams, but in a kid friendly manor with the inclusion of Eminem and Aerosmith throughout…

I want to see Sing because the idea of a Zootopia meets Pitch Perfect works for me and I really want it to just show off the singing talents and funny moments that come with the characters in the film.


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