Gifted Official Trailer #1 Will Tug At Your Heartstrings – Trailer Review

Even with a messy(ish) beard, Chris Evans is still handsome. I mean come on, who is actually buying that handsome fella as a poor, truck driving foster parent? Oh who am I kidding? This trailer worked on all cylinders for me and then some as 500 Days of Summer director Mark Webb returns to the indie drama scene where he got his start.

The story follows a Matilda-like little girl who’s evil grandmother wants to take her away from her uncle due to poor living conditions and what she feels is limiting her granddaughter’s future. It’s something we’ve all seen before, but the way this trailer is cut, it completely works. I was hooked once I saw the talent involved along with where the trailer was going with them. It seems like it’s going to be a successful attempt at a formula we may have already seen before, but it’s all about execution.

It’s also nice to see Chris Evans take on these smaller roles while he isn’t being buff as Captain America. I also feel like we are really celebrating these gifted children in films this year which is always a bonus.


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