Wes Anderson’s Stop-Motion Dog Movie Has Begun Production

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We know very little about the follow up film from The Grand Budapest Hotel director Wes Anderson, but we do know that it involves stop-motion animation revolving around a dog. It’s been a solid two years since Anderson’s last film and his style never ceases to amaze us.

His first stop-motion film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, may just be the most underrated stop-motion film of the last decade so it’s nice he is returning to such a rare film medium. Thanks to Collider’s Steve “Frosty” Weintraub (hey Steve), we at least know that Jeff Goldblum and Bill Murray, two Wes Anderson staples, will be joined by a cast that will also include Bryan CranstonEdward Norton, and Bob Balaban.

What we know is that the story will revolve around the lives of dogs, which we can already determine will be a better film than The Secret Life of Pets, and that the film has likely started production unless Anderson was talking about another animated film he’s working on which is highly unlikely.

Don’t expect the film to come out anytime soon (*holds back tears*) with stop-motion being such a careful form of film to make.

Source: Collider


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