John Wick 2 Director Is Front-Runner For Directing Deadpool 2

Well that didn’t take long did it? The brief fiasco that has been the departure of director Tim Miller was followed by classic fan panic and theoretical thinking for who the heck would direct the sequel to the Rated-R superhero comedy. Like most of you, the names started flying around and a punch of people thought a petition for Tarantino was going to work, it didn’t.

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The first John Wick was without a doubt one of the most surprising and exciting action films in recent years and the sequel looks it won’t be missing a step either. Director David Leitch has emerged as the man likely to take the job from Miller and it couldn’t be a better fit.

Leitch gained fame for being one of the stunt coordinators for The Matrix Trilogy among other films and took his talents to directing with his debut that was John Wick. The low-budget action film was stylistic, incredibly fun, and humbly contained, all things the production of Deadpool needs to stick with.

One of the rumors of Miller’s departure was that he wanted to make the film bigger and more stylized in a sense of making it as large as other hero films. The producer and star of the film (Ryan Reynolds) disagreed. The fit with Leitch and Reynolds may prove to work better than any of us figured if the deal gets finalized.

Source: Variety


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