Uncharted Movie Lands New Director; Film Is Set To Fast-Track Production

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Video game fans can go to RagTagRiot for all things video game related and their take on the always failing adaptations, but it looks like Uncharted is eager to get made. Reports are that Sony has tapped director Shawn Levy to direct the film based on the widely popular PlayStation game. Levy has directed many family friendly comedies such as The Pink Panther, Night at the Museum, and Cheaper by the Dozen. When I look at his resume further, I’m not sure I see the fit at all for swashbuckling story that is Uncharted, nonetheless, I discuss.

The film originally had director/writer Joe Carnahan tapped to take on directing duties, but he has since left the production to focus on the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence sequel of Bad Boys titled Bad Boys For Life. It’s a shame Carnahan left this film, but I’d say we’re excited for the director of The Grey to take over for Michael Bay.

Levy on the other hand, Levy has been successful producing films and television with his most notable success coming from directing a few episodes of Netflix’s breakout show Stranger Things which Levy also produced. His eye for adventure was shown briefly in a few of his films that definitely present a warm and fun sensibility, but I think fans will tell you that Nathan Drake and Uncharted is very much a modern(ish) version of Indiana Jones with a story to match.

We can only hope Levy can bring the fun and narrative that Uncharted deserves on the big screen because as every gamer has told me, they don’t even want this to be made, and they have every reason to feel that way.

Source: Deadline


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