Peter Jackson To Produce Adaptation of Novel Series “Mortal Engines”

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It’s been a little while since we heard Peter Jackson’s name be rung through the depths of the internets, but thanks to his latest project that he will be producing we have confirmation he is still alive. After his run on the Hobbit trilogy and large scale films even before that, the director seems to have not recovered from the ordeal that demanded more than a decade of his life.

Jackson has recruited his VFX protege, Christian Rivers, to helm the next film in the pipeline with Jackson’s production team, and it will tackle the sci-fi/fantasy novels by Philip Reeve titled Mortal Engines. The books are set in a futuristic, steampunk London where the machines are running out of fuel. The film has been in the hands of Jackson and company since 2009, but like the Halo movie, Jackson had to but the project on the shelf until someone at his production company Weta could get all the cogs in place (pun intended).

It’s a shame Jackson won’t direct, but at the same time, this is the man that helped get Neill Blumkamp his career and produced District 9, the other films not withstanding. This would be Rivers’ directorial debut, but with his visual effects background it’s a solid jumping point  when you consider what the film will look like in a steampunk setting. I’ve heard comparisons of the books being Mad Max: Fury Road meets a few scenes from Hellboy 2 as well as it reminding people of Cowboy Bebop in very loose senses.

These are comparisons I’m all for and I’d hope the film can produce a good script and narrative beyond all the special effects. Universal will release the film which was the studio that released Peter Jackson’s King Kong in 2006.

Source: Deadline


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