Who Should Direct Deadpool 2 With Tim Miller Departing, No It Won’t Be Tarantino… – Top 5

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With the director chair now officially open for Deadpool 2, it got me wondering, who the f**k should they sign and why? Everyone loves signing their stupid petitions that don’t work in hopes of getting their way, but the reality is simple, no one just does what you want because of one petition with thirty signatures on it.  The petition was started by some guy in a New York Starbucks (probably) who saw an opening and took it. I commend your blind faith good sir, but Quentin Tarantino makes Quentin Tarantino films, no one else’s films.

If we’re going to open the parachute and fall back to Earth a little, we can actually focus on options that can be viable and logical solutions to the opening at director. The director needs to bring fun, humor, action, and flare to a character that lives off of all these things. Ryan Reynolds won’t change and whomever Reynolds finds suitable to play Cable will also do just fine. The issue, now the film may not be as cheap as the studio once hoped, but that doesn’t mean they can’t purposely work on a smaller budget to humble the filmmakers.

My list of five directors for the film are of my own opinion (as always) with brief reasoning why I’d pick them. Here they are;

1. Matthew Vaughn

It’s almost too easy a pick when you look at his film resume to date. The man has worked with X-Men and Fox on their films, Deadpool is with Fox, and he’s no stranger to blood and guts mixed with raunchy humor. He knows how to work on a small budget as well as get the most out of his actors, which won’t be difficult with the cast he has so far, and he brings a sensibility to the comic book film genre that is required for a character as visceral as Deadpool is.

FILMS: Kingsman: The Secret Service / Kick-Ass / X-Men: First Class

2. Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is also no stranger to bringing the funny with the ultra violent while still producing quality storytelling in ways that keep the audiences on their toes. Wright was originally the director for Ant-Man which later went to Peyton Reed, but I’d hope Wright doesn’t have more quarrels within the films he makes. He is an extremely talented director with a unique eye for film while still providing us with quick-wit and humor throughout his movies.

FILMS: Shaun of the Dead / Hot Fuzz / Scott Pilgrim vs. the World / The World’s End

3. Adam McKay

McKay really showed himself to be more than just a comedy director when he went from the Anchorman films to giving us one of the best reviewed films of 2015 in The Big Short. Clearly he has range to provide the humor and I’m sure he will be able to get the action as long as he doesn’t use a bunch of shaky and/or handheld camera styles. My point is, he can do everything else, but can he direct action? That’s something I’m willing to risk finding out and it’s a positive sign he’s doing a superhero film for Fox in the near future.

FILMS: Anchorman / Step Brothers / The Big Short

4. Adam Wingard

A horror director is always a fascinating choice when bringing them on as directors for more mainstream properties, but when they’re good, it’s proven over time that they are just as great of storytellers as anyone else. Wingard has really burst on the scene with some of his remarkable films over the last five years while breathing new life into the horror genre with his films. They are obviously violent, but they are entertaining as all get out at the same time, and that’s coming from a guy that doesn’t do with well with scary.

FILMS: You’re Next / The Guest / The Blair Witch / V/H/S

5. Dan Tractenberg

I had to leave this list with a dark horse pick and it took me awhile to decide on my fifth one because I couldn’t think of anyone that would really fit well with the film Reynolds may or may not want, but then I looked at 10 Cloverfield Lane’s director and the job he did on that film as his first outing as a director. A job well done I’d say. With the small sample size we have, we can deduce that Tractenberg loves characters and doesn’t need much to make them enticing. That could work for a studio that doesn’t have interest in spending much money on a film that didn’t cost even over $60 million to actually make, marketing excluded.

FILMS: 10 Cloverfield Lane

I also think Lord and Miller (The Lego Movie, 21 & 22 Jump Street, Young Han Solo) would be perfect as well, but they’re too busy with Disney and Star Wars. They were originally some of the directors that were close to being inked for DC and Warner Brothers’ The Flash with Ezra Miller, but when you get a chance to direct a Star Wars film, you take it.



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