Latest On Tim Miller Departing Deadpool 2 Could Be Because of Casting Cable

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And just like that, we may have found our answer as to why Deadpool director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds disagreed on the film’s future and it involves the casting of one time traveling mutant. 20th Century Fox was not afraid to move on with the film’s sequel after it’s outstanding financial and critical success, but it was shocking to learn that director Tim Miller was never actually signed on to return as director even though he has been involved in the preproduction for the film this whole time.

As the end credit scenes blatantly told us, we would be seeing Deadpool and X-Force character Cable in the sequel, but that’s what may have caused the minor fallout of star and director. Casting Cable isn’t an impossible, but almost the opposite due to the large amount of diverse actors out there who could portray him. What causes issues for directors and studios is not usually finding the talent to pull a character off, but the vision the director has for that character and with Reynolds producing the film as much as he is starring in it, he and Miller just didn’t see eye to eye.

The break in agreement supposedly hit its breaking point when Miller suggest actor Kyle Chandler (Bloodline, Wolf of Wall Street) would be the guy he wanted for Cable while Reynold’s did not. The hot name(s) for Cable early on were Mad Men star Jon Hamm and Don’t Breathe standout Stephen Lang as hot topic names for the role. It’s to be determined if these men have actually made a shortlist for Fox or not, but we can only wait and see if a director can step up to bring both his vision and Reynolds’ to life.

Source: The Wrap


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