Deadpool Director Leaves Deadpool 2 Due To Creative Differences With Ryan Reynolds

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Oh boy. Some things are just too good to be true it seems in the world of filmmaking. What we thought was the perfect pairing of director and actor(s) for the hit film that is Deadpool comes the shocking news that star Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller are no longer collaborators on their second project.  The original film had been in development for nearly ten years before we ever got the film through Fox and Miller and Reynolds were the reasons why we got the film at all.

The split was mutual as far as reports go, but Miller leaving a project that made $750 million for the studio is shocking and fairly disheartening for the project. Don’t worry though, the film we very much get made. I’m sure there are countless directors good enough to jump onto the film, and bring the Merc with the Mouth back to the screen in no time. It must also be noted that Miller was a first time feature film director and came out of the gate with Deadpool.

We should be relieved the film doesn’t actually even have a release date yet which gives the film more time to get a signal caller signed to helm the film. Miller was never actually signed on for the project, but was very much still involved with its screenwriting portion with Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.

Not only has the casting become a much anticipated process, but we can also throw in the ideas for director of the film as well. Let’s hope Reynolds isn’t the guy that is taking too much charge of the film and not letting the director fulfill their visions as well as his. We all want the film, but Reynolds seems to want it just as badly as we do, and that in of itself can be a really good thing for the film in the long run.

Source: ScreenRant  & Deadline


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