BREAKING: Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino Cast As Young Lando Calrissian For Young Han Solo Film(s)

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Disney is not wasting any time in getting talented young actors to help bring to life these spin-off films in the Star Wars universe. With young Han Solo already cast, it makes sense for them to go after Solo’s charming friend and cast someone who can bring that suave to the role similar to how Billy Dee Williams did back in the 70’s with the original trilogy.

J.J Abrams helped awaken the force for the newest trilogy of episodic Star Wars tales, but that also means they have the chance to take “risks” with other beloved characters and adding to their stories through film. As mentioned earlier, Alden Ehrenreich will be taking on the challenging role of being Young Han Solo with Lord and Miller (21 Jump Street) set to direct, and we will get to see Glover as Lando in their new possible trilogy of films.

The report is that Glover will be playing Lando in the time period in which he went from regular criminal to one of the most prominent scoundrels in the galaxy before he becomes administrator at Bespin’s Cloud City. With that, maybe we can finally see how Lando lost the Falcon to Han and Chewie like the famous mention in The Empire Strikes Back. Glover obviously adds talent, but a diverse level of talent. He is incredibly funny with a quick wit that will fit well with the style of directing Lord and Miller seem to have, but it can also present a veteran presence that everybody knows to help Ehrenreich (whether he needs it or not.




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