The Final Stop For Hugh Jackman As Wolverine Is Upon Us With the First Trailer For ‘Logan’ – Trailer Review

Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine as peanut butter goes to jelly, a marriage of traits that create something so profound and timeless that you can’t get enough of it, and with this first look trailer at the much anticipated final Wolverine film starring Jackman, it’s gearing to be a hit. The dystopian future setting of Logan has an aged Patrick Stewart as Professor X and a deteriorating Wolverine aka Logan.

A glimpse of the their future that gives off some serious Mad Max vibes is exactly the type of neo-western vibe they described to us as well as a detailed vision of what fans wanted. The clamoring for a Wolverine film inspired by the Mark Millar hit graphic novel Old Man Logan seems to be what we are getting and my gosh does this trailer pack a punch.

The addition to of the Johnny Cash music adds to what looks to be a film beyond what X-Men have given us thus far and that’s exhilarating. The only reason you know this is a superhero based film is because he lashes his claws out in a few scenes, but my gosh does it feel way sadder than that. I haven’t even seen the movie and I know I’m probably going to ball my eyes out once someone dies (my bet is Professor X).



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