Marvel’s Black Panther Film Gets A Working Title

Image result for ryan coogler black panther movie

Before I get to revealing the title, I want to say that Marvel did an exceptional thing when choosing Creed director Ryan Coogler for the project. Not only has his work on just his two feature length films been exceptional already, but he just tells great stories with brazenly diverse casts. With that being said, it makes the working title for the Black Panther film all that much sweeter.

The working title for Black Panther’s film will be titled… Motherland.

Obviously people are aware of what Motherland refers to, whether black or not, but it’s such a well thought out title for what is yet to come. It more or less confirms that the film will be set solely in Wakanda, the fictional African country in the MCU, but it could signify the troubles it might have in the coming film(s).

With Doctor Strange soon to hit theaters and already a teaser trailer for Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hitting the internet today, I’d say Marvel is on a bit of a role with their films, but what else is new?


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