Doctor Strange’s End Credit Music Could Be A Good Sign For the Soundtrack of the Film

I think fans knew that Marvel’s music was not their best trait to their mostly outstanding films and with the wonderful breakdown of the Marvel film scores via Every Frame a Painting’s video on YouTube, you can why they may have listened, and you can that video HERE.

Doctor Strange director Scott Derickson didn’t hold back with his praises for the film’s music composed by  Michael Giacchino (Inside Out, Star Trek Beyond, Incredibles). With Doctor Strange likely to follow what it’s name suggests, we are going to be getting psychadelic imagery for the portals and dimensions Strange and his friends will be protecting and to help bring to life that atmosphere would have to be a weird and trippy score. Here it is…

Right away you can hear the uniquess and cultural influences of the music itself with it having an Asian fusion with what almost sounded like Carlos Santana inspired guitar playing. Now, I’m no musician, but I know good music when I hear it. If this film has hints of what we have been given so far then there is going to be a soundtrack beyond Guardians of the Galaxy worth listening to.



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