Assassin’s Creed Official Trailer #2 Is Alright, But I’m Not Sold – Trailer Review

Ah video game movies, how you’ve disappointed us so, but again we put our faith in yet another film that will hopefully bring life into a genre that is sitting in the morgue. We love Fassbender and we love Cotillard as well, but this trailer is literally not cutting it.

What I was hoping for was the period piece epic that the video games are, but instead, because of the studios likely fear of people being stupid, they gave us countless exposition scenes in the trailer instead. The Spanish Inquisition is the timeline of the film that I want to see, not the present day stuff, and it’s okay that it’s there because the story calls for it, but why so many shots?

I thought this trailer gave off a real Resident Evil or Hitman: Agent 47 type vibe and that’s not a good thing in my eyes. This is a film I want to take “seriously” when I sit in the theaters, but it seems to be doing what other video games have constantly done and that is fall into a realm of cheesy that no one wants. The stunts seem to be cool, but unless the story is as on par with the parkour for the film, then I’m concerned.



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